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We take a look at dating apps and how they compare to hiring an escort.

Dating Apps

As we have changed and become more digital as a society in the modern era, so too has the ways in which we communicate and meet people.

With dating apps, you can choose to portray the best version of yourself along with select people that you are of interest to you.


There are plenty of people that have found exactly what they are after using dating apps – whether it be a one-night-stand, a short fling or even long term relationships.

In many ways, dating apps have removed a lot of the anxiety in approaching a stranger.

The added bonus is the understanding that the person at least has some level of reciprocated interest, which is also a massive help for people that find social situations stressful or may be a bit shy.

There are many ways that you can succeed with dating apps however, like with the real world, it may take time and effort to find what you are after.


Anyone who has ever used a dating app will attest, they can be absolutely horrendous. Fake profiles, ghosting, no messaging whatsoever and dead ends – and that’s before you’ve even met anyone!

For those that have tried and failed, dating apps appear at best to be a pointless, timewasting exercise or at worse a demoralising cesspit.

With the initial connection being completely digital, it’s hard to gauge interest levels in conventional ways (social cues, body language, etc) so things can be misinterpreted.

There is also the risk of “catfishing”.


Pretty straightforward. If you’ve reached our blog page, you do have some understanding of our main business and the services we have available. If not, you are welcome to acquaint yourself in what we do in the following blog posts:




The world really is your oyster. You will have a much greater range of options (budget permitting) and can find the best provider to suit the services and needs that you desire. Also, unlike dating, your success rate is 100%.

It really is a very honest, straight forward exchange without the needless mind-games.

Reputable venues and independent escorts cultivate a strong online presence with recent photos, pricing, services and additional information can be easily sought (no guessing game and no time wasting!)


As with meeting new people in a traditional setting, you are not necessarily going to “click” with every service provider. Although you will still receive a full-service, what differentiates a good service from a great one is chemistry.

Escorts only provide intimate services for the duration of the booking, although ladies can enjoy time spent with their “regulars”, the relationship remains professional.

The Impact Dating or “Hook Up” Apps Have Had on the Sex Industry

It must be stated that we perform very different functions and never claim to offer the same services that dating or “hook up” apps offer. Escort services are amazing and have a wealth of benefits for clients beyond just sexual release. It is, however, a service – payment given in returned for agreed upon services.

Dating apps really have no bearing on the sex industry. Perhaps in the early release of these applications there was a minor change but now, not so much. This may be due to the quality or results that users are getting from these apps.

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