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Your First Visit to a Brothel + Tips for Having the Best Experience


Maybe the idea has always intrigued or titillated you or perhaps you’d like to experience something new that you haven’t quite been able to in your personal life?

Whatever your reasoning, you have finally decided to bite the bullet and see what it’s all about. But where to start and what can you expect?

Depending on the state and city the brothel is located in, there may be many variations in both the pricing structure (e.g. some venues use different ‘tiers’ of pricing for the level and amount of services offered) and the manner in which you meet the ladies (e.g. private introductions or an informal lounge setting). For the purposes of keeping this blog post within a reasonable length and to keep it relevant to our patrons, we will be referring to NSW brothels and Discreet Gentlemen’s Club, when stated.

For laws and regulations regarding NSW brothels and sex work, along with interstate laws, you can visit the Scarlet Alliance website for more information.

Finding the Right Brothel

Probably the hardest to determine without actually visiting different venues.

Most brothels rely on return clients and word of mouth to establish a reputation as a quality establishment – quality based off the ladies on roster (and their service) along with the rooms and facilities of the venue.
In the absense of referrals, have a look at the Brothel’s website to gauge the types of ladies on roster and the facilities available.

Call the brothel and speak to reception for more information.

Key questions to ask: What are the prices? What is included in the service? What is the best time to visit?
In the case of your first visit, you may also wish to ask what the process is when arriving as there may be minor differences between venues.
If there was a specific service you were after or a type of lady that you prefer, it would be worthwhile mentioning also.

Tips For Finding the Right Brothel
  • Try visiting different venues and at different times as ladies that are available change shift by shift and can vary greatly even at the same venue.
  • Find out what payment methods are available.
  • Speak to reception about operating hours and lady availability.
  • Popular venues have a consistent flow of new and returning ladies. Rosters can either be viewed online or by making a call to a venue’s reception.

Your First Visit

If you have already spoken to a receptionist and been briefed about the process you will have a better understanding of the general protocol and rules specific to that venue.

*Some initial screening processes may have changed at venues due to COVID – inquire beforehand for any additional requirements*

Once entering, you will be directed to a private booth or room for “intros” – where ladies come out to speak to you privately one-by-one, this is to introduce themselves and also answer any questions you may have about their service or if you were after anything in particular.

After the introductions you will be asked by reception which lady you wish to see and the duration of time you would like to spend with the lady. Payment is collected by reception for the standard agreed services (extra services and monies are negotiated and paid directly to the lady).

If you already know which lady you wish to see, you may opt to pre-book the lady over the phone. This bypasses the “intro” step and ensures the lady you are after is available for your allocated time.

“Intros” – Meeting the Ladies

“Intros” simply means introductions. It is a brief meeting between you and the ladies where you decide which lady is suited to the service you are interested in.

Ladies offer different services (also colloquially known as “extras”) in addition to the standard service, this may be discussed and negotiated between you and the lady. If you were after anything in addition to the standard service, politely ask the lady during the intros.

Generally intros only last a few minutes for each lady, it’s really to gauge basic information for booking purposes and to briefly know the type of service each lady offers.

The more open you are with what you are after, the more likely you will find a lady suited to you and the more fulfilling your booking will be.

Brothels are where dreams become reality, let us know how to make your dreams come true.

Intro Tips + Picking the Right Lady
  • Be polite but direct – if you are after a specific service or experience, ask the ladies. They are very open-minded and as long as you are respectful, you will get a response whether they are the most suited to your service or not.
  • When the lady asks if there are any further questions, you may ask what her service is like (is she more GFE or PSE) and if she specialises in anything in particular – most ladies are quite flexible with  services offered however some specialise in certain things such as GFE, PSE, doubles, stripping, toys, pegging, etc.
  • If you are after a more affectionate service you may wish to ask the lady if she offers a “Girlfriend Experience” (GFE), if she does, what is included in her GFE.
    GFE generally relates to services more in the realms of what a partner would offer: kissing, cuddling, touching, mutual oral, etc. However the exact services varies lady to lady so it’s good to know what GFE means for her.
  • If a wilder, more sex focused service is your cup of tea you may ask the lady if she offers a “Pornstar Experience” (PSE) and what is included
    PSE generally relates to less affection orientated play and is more focused on the sex itself, it may include things like: multiple positions, spanking, hair pulling, gagging, etc. This also varies lady to lady though and some may offer more services included than others so it’s always good to ask.
  • You may be after something in between GFE and PSE and that’s great too! Just let the lady know this is the type of service you are after and specifics where possible.
  • Build a rapport with the receptionists, after a few visits receptionists understand what your tastes are and will steer you in the right direction with which lady would be most suitable to you.
  • Being rude or offensive during intros can result in ladies refusing a booking with you – ladies have every right to refuse a booking and you may be asked to leave.
  • No filming/photography in the intro rooms – we ask that phones be put away during intros.

Discreet Gentlemen’s Club is a Safe Sex venue, to avoid offending ladies and potential booking refusal, please do not ask for any natural services (including but not limited to natural oral). This is for the health and safety of our ladies and our patrons.

The Booking

Ladies will guide you to an allocated room, there she will give you a visual inspection of the area being serviced (an additional precautionary method) before you have a quick shower.

After the shower, the magic begins.

You will be advised as your time together draws to a close and you may wish to extend your booking (pay for additional time) or finish up your booking and get ready to leave.

Please Note: Everything required for the service is provided – condoms, lube, etc. (with the exception of toys and speciality items)

Return Visitors Tips

  • If you find a lady that you like and would like her to return regularly, book her as often as possible. There is no guarantee a lady will ever return to a venue, but a way to encourage her is to ensure her time there is profitable and pleasant.
  • Form a rapport with your receptionist, they will direct you to the ladies most suited to you and can advise you when your favourite ladies are working.
  • Make bookings in advance, where possible, popular ladies in particular can quickly become booked out and in the case of touring ladies that are there for a short period of time, you may miss out entirely.
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