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We are pleased to report excellent results for Discreet Gentlemen’s Club at this years Adult Industry Choice Awards

The Adult Industry Choice Awards (AICA)

A prestigious annual event created to celebrate all aspects of the adult industry – from strippers to porn-stars and everything in between! A grand affair which is the night-of-nights for the Australian adult industry, one that gets very little opportunity to all come together.

Awards are presented for a variety of categories to members of the industry that are voted the best in their respective fields.


Message from Discreet

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our supporters who voted for us, our clients that make each and every day possible and of course, our wonderful ladiestheir dedication and drive has been instrumental in making Discreet what it is today.


Best Gentlemen’s Club

Following a long line of prestigious venues who’ve been immortalised by receiving this award, Discreet Gentlemen’s Club has achieved the great honour of being awarded the

Best Gentlemen’s Club of 2023!


Best Service Provider to Disability Needs

Intimate services (and their accessibility) for people with disabilities is something that Discreet strongly supports and advocates for.   We are constantly looking at ways to improve our ability to facilitate services and are humbled by the response.

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