Give the gift of a lifetime… 


Discreet Gentlemen’s Club Gift Certificates really are a gift like no other, offering an experience the recipient is not likely to forget!

Elevate your gift-giving beyond the mundane and predictable, and become the talk of your friends for giving the ultimate present imaginable.

Scroll down for full Terms and Conditions, or continue to read on for more information on how to purchase a Discreet Gentlemen’s Club Gift Certificate – along with the products and services available with Gift Certificates.

how to purchase a gift certificate

All Gift Certificate purchases must be made in-person.
Head into our venue and speak to one of our friendly managers.

Strictly 18+ ONLY

Set your own Gift Certificate value (minimum $50)
Payment method for Gift Certificates is cash only.

Please read the full Terms and Conditions below

For the friend that needs a helping hand…

Give them a gift that they’ll surely never forget.

A present that is thoughtful, considerate and straight from the heart… Let them spend some time with a Discreet lady and you will truly be a legend amongst all your mates.

A Discreet Gentlemen’s Club Gift Certificate really is the perfect gift – for the mate that needs a bit of release or a pick-me-up. 


Enjoy the ‘Discreet’ experience in the comfort of your hotel room or home.

Let managers know when you are making your booking that you have a Gift Certificate and they will run through Certificate verification and authorisation.

Present the Gift Certificate when the lady arrives to gain the credit value to your booking immediately. 

Bucks Party Packages

Share the joy of Discreet Gentlemen’s Club by booking one of our wild Bucks Party Packages.

Don’t be fooled by the name though – these are the wildest strippers and shows and are available for Bucks Parties, Birthdays, Work Christmas parties and pretty much any event you can think of!


Treat yourself in the most decadent way possible by having a threesome with two of the most gorgeous and attentive ladies in Newcastle.

Discreet ladies are renown for being the best in the region – imagine spending time with two of them! Double the pleasure and double the fun.


Gift Certificates cannot be redeemed for certain goods and services listed below: 

– Cash 
– Sex Toys and Sex Supplies 
– Ladies “Extras” and alternative services 
– VIP Membership fees 
– Outcall Confirmation Deposits

Gift certificate Terms and conditions

Full List of Terms and Conditions

Gift Certificate Issuer:

Discreet Gentlemen’s Club
9 Steel St,.

  • 1.  Discreet Gentlemen’s Club Gift Certificate Terms and Conditions
    • 1.1. You agree to these Terms and Conditions when you purchase,  acquire or attempt to utilise a Gift Certificate.
    • 1.2. You warrant to the Issuer that you will comply with these Terms and Conditions and all applicable laws.
    • 1.3. The Issuer may amend these Terms and Conditions at any time in the following circumstances:
      • 1.3.1. to add or remove any goods or services from eligibility;
      • 1.3.2. to comply with any applicable law or regulation, or order, or determination of any court, tribunal or government  agency or body;
      • 1.3.3. for administrative or operational reasons, or to prevent the occurrence of fraud or other unlawful, damaging or unacceptable conduct;
    • 1.4. Changes to these Terms and Conditions will be made available on www.discreet.net.au/giftcertificates
    • 1.5. These Terms and Conditions are governed by and constructed in accordance with the laws and Courts of New South Wales.
    • 1.6. Where you purchase a Gift Certificate as a personal or business gift,  you must ensure that each Holder is made aware of these Terms and Conditions, including the Expiration Date of the Gift Certificate.
  • 2. Purchase of Gift Certificate
    • 2.1. Purchase of a Gift Certificate may only be made by persons over 18 years of age.
    • 2.2. To determine eligibility, the Issuer may be required to:
      • 2.1.1. collect and use of personal information for the purpose of identification and age verification;
      • 2.1.2. access other means of age verification and identification.
    • 2.3. All Gift Certificate purchases must be made in person at our venue to determine recipient eligibility.
    • 2.4. Cash payment is the only available form of payment for Gift Certificates. All other forms of payment are unavailable.
    • 2.5. Payment is required prior to issue of Gift Certificate.
    • 2.6. Members Discounts and other discounts and offers are not applicable  to Gift Certificate purchases, unless expressly stated in writing.
    • 2.7. Minimum $50 purchase value for Gift Certificates.
  • 3. Using a Gift Certificate
    • 3.1. A Gift Certificate has no value unless registered through Discreet Gentlemen’s Club Systems and payment has been made to the Issuer for the Gift Certificate.
    • 3.2. The entire value of the Gift Certificate must be utilised in one transaction unless expressed permission is provided by the owner(s) in writing.
    • 3.3. Gift Certificates cannot be used in more than one transaction.
    • 3.4. A Gift Certificate cannot be utilised to purchase goods and services aside from permitted services including:
      • 3.4.1. standard full-service incalls.
      • 3.4.2. standard full-service outcalls.
      • 3.4.3. standard bucks party packages.
    • 3.5. Gift Certificates may only be used by persons 18 years of age or older and must present valid photo ID to the issuer, on request, for the purposes of age and identity verification.
    • 3.6. Holders are expected to inform management of their intention to use a Gift Certificate during the booking process for outcall bookings.  Insufficient notice may result in payment method refusal.
    • 3.7. Gift Certificates cannot be redeemed for cash or for the purchase of other vouchers.
    • 3.8. Gift certificates may not be used for services and products not listed in the permitted items list. Exclusions include:
      • 3.8.1. ladies ‘extras’ or additional services not included in the standard full-service or bucks party packages;
      • 3.8.2. membership fees;
      • 3.8.3. sex toys and other toy cabinet products;
      • 3.8.4. booking deposits for outcalls.
    • 3.9. Gift Certificates must be presented at time of use and surrendered, finalising the fulfilment of the arrangement.
  • 4. Expiry Date
    • 4.1 A Gift Certificate is valid for 3 years from issue date. Expiry dates are recorded on Gift Certificates. Immediately following the Expiry Date of a Gift Certificate:
      • 4.1.1 the obligations of the Issuer in respect of that Gift Certificate are forever discharged, released, extinguished and no longer capable of being enforced; and
      • 4.1.2 the Issuer will have no further obligations in respect of that Gift Certificate; and
      • 4.1.3 any unused value remaining on that Gift Card will not be able to be utilised by the Holder or anyone else.
    • 4.2. All of the unused value on a Gift Certificate should be used before the Expiry Date.
    • 4.3. Promotional, complimentary and bonus gift certificates, cards and vouchers may have a limited period of validity. In accordance with Australian Consumer law, these items will state expiry dates and any relevant conditions pertaining to their use.
  • 5. Temporary Marketing Promotions
    • 5.1. Discreet Gentlemen’s Club reserves the right to offer promotional vouchers and gift certificates at its discretion. This may be supplied as part of a Temporary Marketing Promotion, where the Consumer meets the eligibility requirements of the Temporary Marketing Promotion.
  • 6. Exclusions
    • 6.1. If a Gift Certificate is altered or defaced or used as an element of any fraudulent or illegal activity, the amount of the unused value of that Gift Certificate shall be immediately reduced to nil, and incapable of use by any Holder.
    • 6.2. A person who wishes to use a Gift Certificate must provide evidence to the reasonable satisfaction of the Issuer that the person is the Holder and satisfies the user requirements. If the person is unable to provide evidence to reasonable satisfaction of the Issuer that the person is the Holder.
    • 6.3. A Gift Certificate cannot be utilised:
      • 6.3.1. by email, text message or phone;
      • 6.3.2. to pay for membership;
      • 6.3.3. to act in lieu of mandatory outcall deposit;
      • 6.3.4. to purchase sex toys or sex toy products; or
      • 6.3.5. for the payment of ladies’ “extras” or for services not specified in the list of inclusions.
    • 6.4. A Gift Certificate cannot be utilised for goods or services (or both) from external  businesses (including affiliates) that are not directly part of the Discreet Gentlemen’s Club brand.
    • 6.5. A Gift Certificate cannot be reloaded, used for cash advances or to obtain cash.
    • 6.6. A Gift Certificate cannot be used to purchase another Gift Certificate.
    • 6.7. A Gift Certificate cannot be exchanged for a different brand, denomination or type of Gift Certificate.
    • 6.8 A Gift Certificate, at all times, remains the property of the Issuer, and must not be resold by a person, without the express prior written consent of the Issuer.
  • 7. Transaction Enquiries
    • 7.1. The information residing on the System will, in the absence of manifest error, be conclusive evidence of the unused value, history and Expiry Date of a Gift Certificate.
  • 8. Lost and Stolen Gift Cards
    • 8.1. A Holder is responsible for the safety of a Gift Certificate and a lost, stolen, altered or defaced Gift Certificate will not be reissued, refunded or honoured.
    • 8.2. To the extent permitted by law, a Gift Certificate will not be reissued unless:
      • 8.2.1. the Issuer has acted in breach of any condition or warranty under the ASIC Act or any other applicable laws.
  • 9. Liability
    • 9.1. A Holder is responsible for the use and safety of a Gift Certificate and all transactions involving a Gift Certificate at all times.
    • 9.2. To the extent permitted by law, the Issuer is not liable to any person for any loss or damage (including direct, indirect or consequential loss) arising out of any use or attempted use of a Gift Certificate. The Issuer and each related entity of the Issuer will not be in default of these Terms and Conditions for failure to observe or perform any obligations under these Terms and Conditions for any reason or cause which could not, with reasonable diligence, be controlled or prevented. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions is intended to exclude or modify any non‐excludable statutory rights under the Australian Consumer Law the ASIC Act or any other applicable laws.
  • 10. Promotion Activities
    • 10.1. The Holder must not use a Gift Certificate in connection with any marketing, promotion or advertising activities without the prior express written consent of the Issuer.
    • 10.2. Discreet Gentlemen’s Club Trade Marks are owned by the Licensor.
    • 10.3. Any use of Discreet Gentlemen’s Club Trade Marks by any third party is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of the Licensor.
    • 10.4. A Gift Certificate may not be used in a manner that implies that a person, business, product or service is endorsed or sponsored by or affiliated with the Issuer or any related entity of the Issuer.
  • 11. Privacy
    • 11.1. A person claiming to be a Holder must provide proof of identity to the reasonable satisfaction of the Issuer.
    • 11.2. The privacy policy applicable to the Issuer specifies how the Issuer will handle your Personal Information and other information required to be disclosed to you under the Privacy. You consent to the collection and use of Personal Information by the Issuer in accordance with the privacy policy applicable to the Issuer, including for the purpose of identification.
  • 12. Enquiries and Complaints
    • 12.1. A complaint or enquiry about a Gift Certificate should be directed to the Issuer at info@discreet.net.au or by following the relevant enquiry channels available on the Issuer website www.discreet.net.au


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