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A word from the Owner…

Despite the many stereotypes and fantasy filled stories, owning a brothel is like most small businesses – darn hard work!
I have been involved in this industry for nearly 40 years.  I have worked as a lawyer and in other professional fields, without a doubt owning a brothel involves the hardest work and the greatest amount of commitment. My day usually starts at 5.00am reviewing reports from the night before – it ends after midnight and I may well be woken up with work related calls many times over.

Its rewarding in many ways, not so much due to the income which most people largely over inflate.  However I get to spend my days in a female centered environment. Essentially our work place is about empowering woman and this is something I feel strongly about.
This is not to say we dont employ men, we have some great male managers and drivers. For attitudes to woman to change it needs to come from men. For our male staff, this is a great learning centre as we are contantly challenging them to see the world from a woman’s perspective.

The adult industry has changed over the last 40 years. I have seen multiple law changes, changes in the knowledge around health and huge changes in attitudes to sex and sexuality. The rise of the internet and online marketing. The AIDs epidemic and its impact on safe sex practices and most recently COVID. Each of these challenges has meant that as an industry we have had to be unbelievably resilient. Our business plans have had to remain fluid and constantly changing. At times the whole industry can change overnight. At the same time we are constantly battling social stigma and misinformation.

The one thing that has not changed is the need for well trained managers to support the business.  Good managment can make or break a business.   This is not a standard reception job by any stretch of the imagination. It is a high level management position involving a number of well developed skills. It takes years to develop the instincts and the knowledge to do this well, often the only way to learn is by making mistakes and there are no formal courses in brothel managment (although we are working hard on this concept).

At Discreet we are proud that we put a lot of time and training into developing our managers. We are unbelievable proud of our team who go over and above to fill their roles. Not only is their work challanging, they are constantly called upon to deal with over tired and cranky bosses (sorry team!).

Our managers have First Aid training – medical emergencies happen regulary. The quick thinking of our managers and their rapid reponse has been life saving in a number of occasions.

Security training – our managers are the front line in keeping our service providers and themselves safe. Considering the number of intoxicated visitors we have this is a huge responsibility. Our managers need high level conflict resolution skills and lots and lots of patience.

Health training – at Discreet we pride ourselves on our exemplary health standards. All our managers must have full training in sexual health so that they can advise both our service providers and our customers. More recently they have had to train in COVID management to keep our business safe and operational.

Sales training –  Sales is an art from and our managers have it in spades.

Customer Service  – this is after all a service industry. Our managers have to adapt to all kind of different customers and many different requests. Sometimes this is easy and sometimes a little more challanging.

Admin  – lots and lots of it. Where our night shift bear the load of security incidents and high level, fast paced sales, our day staff keep the nuts and bolts of the business going, they rebuild the place ready for re-opening at midday and that often includes the washing from the night before.

Rosters, marketing, admin, ordering, liaising with trades people, and setting up the busy night shift all happen during the day. As does the important job of recruiting. Without a top class recruiter our business simple does not run.

The day manager needs to be someone who can work along side me (not alwasy easy). Among their many other jobs they take on the role of my personal assistant –  Answering my numerous texts and attending to the many jobs I dont get to.

At Discreet my day time operation are lead by Christine. She fills the role of day time head manager, recruitment officer and my personal assistance.

She is backed up by Andrea, Ellyce and Ophelia all who do there share of day shifts on Christine’s days off.

Recently Christine has re-launched our blog which is creating great interest. She is working hard with me to improve the SEO of our website and of course help me with the launch of our new venue. She is a contact sounding board for my ideas. Quite frankly I would be lost without her.

It is no surprise that Christine has been nominated for a number of awards at the Adult Industry Awards Night.

My personal favourite is best personal assistant.  She certainly gets my vote on that one, however the work she does supporting and mentoring  Service Providers deserves aknowledgement and reward.

The adult industry needs young innovative managers to keep pushing our industry forward.

Show your support for her and for Discreet by voting for her.

– Anna (Owner)

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