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We are regularly asked “when’s the best time to come into Discreet?”

In general, any time is a great time to visit, however depending on your circumstances and the experience or type of lady you’re looking for, some days/nights would be more suited to you.

Here’s a quick guide about what to expect when you come in on each shift..

If it’s your first time ever visiting a brothel, consider reading our Blog Post – WHAT TO EXPECT AT A BROTHEL – for additional insight and tips on visiting Discreet – the most premium Newcastle brothel!

Day Shifts – Weekdays

Our more quieter shifts where you are the least likely to run into anyone and experience a more easy-going vibe coming into the venue. Ladies on this shift generally work from around midday and finish around 8pm when night ladies start shift (please note though, there are earlier and later starts for every shift so it’s always best to call us to find out lady availability).

Ideal time for first-timers & shy clients as day-shift staff and ladies generally have more time to explain the whole process and talk you through everything, the experience is usually a lot less intimidating than trying to navigate the hustle and bustle of a night shifts. Day shift ladies are also usually more of the girl-next-door type that love guiding newbies!

Night Shifts – Weeknights

This is where the night-owls reign supreme, with more ladies available on the night shifts to the days you have a bit more variety and a bit of a feel for the thriving experience of the weekend shifts.

Weeknights can also be quite busy though, so if you are nervous and would like a more subdued and quieter experience, a daytime visit is generally the way to go.

Day Shifts – Weekends

Lazy Saturday or Sunday and just want to top off the afternoon being in the company of a stunning woman? Come into Discreet and spend some time with one of our ladies – luxuriate in a sensual back massage before moving onto some naughtier play. Weekend day shifts are for the easy-going gentleman that just wants a sensual experience without the craziness of the party crowd.

Night Shifts – Weekends

Not an ideal time for the more shy or reclusive client, but perfect for the guy that loves the party lifestyle and having a wide array of gorgeous ladies. Anyone who’s visited Discreet Gentlemen’s Club on a Friday or Saturday night knows exactly what we mean, the ladies are wilder, the night’s are longer and there’s a thriving atmosphere that’s almost palpable with sexual energy.

As our most busiest shifts, availability of ladies does fluctuate dramatically (it is not uncommon to have 15+ ladies all booked out at certain times on these nights) so if there was a particular lady you want to see, it is recommended you book her well in advance.

Worst Time to Come In?

There isn’t really a “worst time” (it’s more about working out what you’re after) however the suggestion would be to generally avoid arriving or booking 8pm sharp, being the time where the most amount of ladies are changing shift, it may seem like an ideal time however in reality this generally means there’s a bit of a wait for ladies to get ready and be available. Arriving 30mins-60mins either side of 8pm is generally a much better option.

What if I want them to come to me?

Outcalls are always an option and available every night of the week (limited availability during the day also).
Spend some time with a stunning Discreet lady in the comfort and convenience of your hotel room or home. Availability does vary and it is very much first in best dressed so speak to our reception now to secure your booking!

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