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The “Adult Industry” is a general term for any business that involves sex related work.

This industry includes but is not limited to: 
– Stripping / Strip Clubs
– Escort services (Full-service sex-work)
– Erotic Massage services
– Pornography (including self-made cam-work and print media)
– “Sex Shops” – retailers of toys for intimate use
– Peep Shows
– Adult Movie Theatres
– Brothels & Escort Agencies
– Fetish & BDSM services
– BDSM dungeons

Every section of the Adult Industry is different and experiences vary when starting out, below is just a generalised guide on what to expect when starting out in some of the commonly asked about industries..

Becoming a Stripper

Stripping / Exotic Dancing is probably the most mainstream marketed field within the sex-work industry and probably the most misunderstood also.

Stripping and pole dancing are not synonymous, as such, skill levels vary greatly amongst dancers with some having little to no experience with pole-work and some being award-winning. Depending on the venue, some places provide lessons and guidance on working in a strip-club – however previous experience and skill is always favoured.

Speak to different strip clubs and find out the skill level they are seeking and if they provide any lessons or guidance, this varies venue to venue. Also find out what the payment structure is like, and if there are any fees or cuts – are there floor fees? is there a cut from lap dances? is there a minimum charge for dances? etc.

Please Note: Discreet Gentlemen’s Club is not a stripclub, we do offer ad hoc stripping and bucks party services however we do not train ladies in stripping or take on inexperienced dancers. For ladies wishing to start at a strip club, we recommend getting in contact with stripclub venues in Sydney.

Becoming an Escort (FSSW)

Escorts or Full-Service Sex Workers (FSSW) are workers that offer sexual services up until [but not limited to] penetrative sex.

Three main segments of escorting work are as follows: 
– Private work (self-managed work)
– Agency work (particularly relates to escort agencies – agencies that offer outcall services to clients and don’t have incall facilities)
– Brothel work (which may or may not include outcall work but with a fixed place of business)

Read our Blog Post ‘Sex Work / Escort Work‘ for a quick look into becoming an escort and the different types of escorting available.

If you are interested in starting a career in escorting, please click the “APPLY NOW” button to be redirected to our careers page to submit an application.

We will be in contact to organise an interview with our recruitment manager who will answer any additional questions you may have.

Becoming a Masseuse (Erotic Massage)

Erotic Massage / Sensual Massage / Rub N’ Tug / Happy Endings

Some people may dub this line of work as ‘Sex Work-lite’ however erotic masseuses are an integral part of the adult industry as any.

Massage experience and qualifications in this field are valued but not essential. Erotic massage is more akin to a ‘relaxation massage’ (massages with the purpose of relaxing the client as opposed to a massage with remedial or health benefit) it has the added bonus of possible sexual release at the end of such massages either through hand release (hand job) or oral (blow job), whichever previously agreed upon.

Training is generally on the job and guidance can be provided by massage parlours and/or other workers.

Despite popular sentiment to the contrary, proper massage parlours do not offer sexual intercourse – a parlour that offer full-service (sex) is in actuality a brothel and falls under different regulations and rules.

Please note: Discreet Gentlemen’s Club is a full-service venue, we do not currently have positions available for “Massage Only” service providers.

Becoming a Pornstar

In the advent of cam-work and amateur porn, the traditional idea of a “Porn Star” or at least of becoming one is somewhat a thing of the past. Purchasing pornographic movies has now shifted to paying for subscriptions and the once booming interest in high production value porn has changed to a preference in self-filmed amateur porn.

That’s not to say you can’t achieve the title of “Porn Star”, however to do so generally requires a large, already established fan base or connections with already known porn stars or finding a niche market. And even after achieving all of this, you still may not achieve widespread success.

So how do you get into porn?

As the market has shifted, so too has the way porn has been filmed and distributed. A large number of pornographic actors now use self-managed platforms such as OnlyFans to distribute content and media.

Various adult cam websites also allow sexual performances in real time with their subscribers, which means the ability to create customised porn for higher paying clients.

The way you wish to market yourself and which platforms you choose are entirely up to you and what you are most comfortable with.
As the work is independent, you do have the flexibility to post at times convenient to you and can decide the type of content you release.

In order to be successful, you will need some form of social media following or fan-base to direct to the platform of your choice, you can always build on your fanbase but having no online presence prior to starting an account would make things a lot more difficult.

Becoming a professional BDSM Dom/Sub

So you’ve always been intrigued about the world of BDSM, perhaps you’ve dabbled a little in your personal life or maybe it’s always been a fantasy you have had but have never been able to fulfil.

But how do you start?

Working in the realm of BDSM for the most part is a labour of love and requires genuine interest in BDSM. It is a long process to learn how to operate in a safe and sanitary manner plus the added costs of equipment can mean that it isn’t viable for most.

Books and movies referencing BDSM have appeared in the mainstream fairly recently, unfortunately a lot of these stories are pure fiction and are written by people with little to no experience with actual BDSM and are purely marketed for consumption by the masses. If this is your only exposure to BDSM, you may have a warped idea of what it actually entails.

So how do you find out what BDSM is really all about?

The best way to explore BDSM in a safe environment is to seek an established, reputable BDSM Dungeon. You can generally tell which venues are the most suitable due to the length of time they have been in operation and the experience of their staff.

You may wish to start by making a booking and experience things first hand, alternatively you can reach out to experienced Doms and ask to become an apprentice.

Please Note: apprenticeships are few and far in between and some Doms will not take you on if they believe you are not suited to the role.

Working in the adult industry can be a rewarding and enlightening experience.

It is entirely your decision what you wish to do and do not do and can stop at any time. This is just a short advice panel to give you some idea of what to expect in each industry.

Knowledge and understanding is paramount to a rewarding career in any industry and we highly recommend additional research when entering into any new field.

At Discreet Gentlemen’s Club we have a team of highly trained, highly experienced managers that can help you on your journey – either by providing direct information and training (for ladies wishing to start a career escorting) or by referring you to other establishments and people that can assist.

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