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So you’re currently in Newcastle on a business trip and find yourself in you hotel room after work, once again alone and bored. Perhaps eating room service by yourself in your suite has utterly lost it’s appeal and you cringe at the thought of eating alone at a restaurant?

Consider a Social Escort

A little less “down to business” than a traditional escort / outcall, social escorts primarily focus on companion-ship with sexual services kind of secondary (in fact, not all social escorts result in sexual pursuits and can be entirely for the company – depending on your needs and requirements).

Our experienced managers can pair you up with ladies of impeccable style and personality who are well educated and conversational, let us know the type of lady you are after and we will find the most suited. Alternatively, you may also wish to meet the ladies and speak with the ladies inhouse (to determine compatibility) before arranging the social escort.

If requested, managers can also provide recommendations on the best restaurants and bars around Newcastle to visit on the social escort.

What Happens on a Social Escort?

Much like a regular escort, a driver will bring the chosen lady to your hotel room and collect payment, after which we can arrange for either transport to your chosen dinner venue or activity.

You can opt for sexual services following your social escort or keep the booking friendly and jovial – the choice is up to you.

Does it Have to be Dinner?

No, it can be for a movie you’re dying to see, a wine-tour in the Hunter Valley, a game of golf, belting out a song at karaoke, a scenic helicopter ride or any number of activities that you would rather have some company for (and gorgeous female company, might we add).

The only activities not permitted are where there is no fixed location of service (for safety and security reasons we do not permit clients to drive ladies) and where there’s clear and present danger to the lady.

Want to Meet the Lady Before Deciding?

You are welcome to call & come in-house to meet the available ladies and make payment while there. Doing so allows you to have a bit of a chat with the ladies and see who you are more compatible with both physically and personality-wise. Settling the balance in-house also means that there is no awkward monetary exchanges in the case of a dinner-date or for other activities.

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