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How sexy is it when a woman takes control and shows you what she likes?
…Or maybe even show you a few new things that you would like?

Sex Tutoring at Discreet Gentlemen’s Club

At Discreet Gentlemen’s Club we have some super sexy, very experienced ladies that can guide you through new sexual experiences to achieve new heights of pleasure and teach you a few things along the way. Whether this is your first sexual experience and would like some guidance or you are already well-versed and just want to add additional skills to your repertoire, we provide an unjudgmental and encouraging space to explore your innermost desires.

Women & Couples Welcome.

No matter your skill level or the fantasies you’d like to try, let us help you find the perfect lady to guide you…

If it’s your first time visiting a brothel, we recommend reading our blog post WHAT TO EXPECT AT A BROTHEL for more information.

Here is a taste of some of the naughty lessons that may be on offer…


So you think you’re a weapon in the bedroom? Perhaps you’ve never had any complaints from women, perhaps you have?

Class is in session… basic anatomy – how to find the clitoris, the G-spot and other erogenous zones. Learn how the several types of orgasms you can give a woman and how to give them.

Start your journey to becoming an expert lover with gaining the basic knowledge and skills needed.


Want to learn to make a woman squirt?
Yeah you do.. 

Discover proper techniques and advice about giving her an earth-shattering orgasm and be ahead of the game.

OTHER lessons

A bespoke sexual lesson tailored to you and what you would like to learn more on. Perhaps you would like to improve your oral game? OR maybe you’d simply like a few pointers on what positions work best?

Some other naughty thing you may like to try:

  • Golden Showers
  • Foot Fetish
  • Edging/Orgasm Control
  • Sploshing


Has a scenario or fantasy always aroused you? Perhaps you haven’t had the courage to communicate this to your partners or maybe it wasn’t well-received?

Explore your fantasies with an experienced woman to guide the experience and leave you utterly fulfilled.

Discuss options for costumes, props and rooms available for you to have the ultimate roleplay experience or alternatively, you may ask for some naughty suggestions from some of our ladies that are experienced in roleplay.

Intro to PEgging

A very common fantasy for a lot of men, something that feels naughty and taboo but at the same time, feels oh so right!

Discreet can pair you up with an experienced lady that can guide you through the process and make the experience as comfortable and pleasurable as possible.

Strap on’s are available for sale at Discreet Gentlemen’s Club or alternatively, you are welcome to source your own.

P-Spot Orgasm

“What-Spot Orgasm?”

P-Spot orgasms specifically relate to prostate orgasms. There are many health benefits linked with prostate massage (also known as “prostate milking”) including but not limited to helping with erectile dysfunction issues, alleviating or assisting different prostate related ailments and of course inducing massive amounts of pleasure.

We have ladies experienced at this service that can guide you through and take you to new heights, leaving you feeling like a new man.


Whether you were interested in trying a threesome for the first time or simply wanted direction in ways to spice up, give us a call and let us work out the best solution for you. We are very open-minded and with well over 60 years collective experience between our management staff, you are sure to find a few ideas.

Sex toys for couples are also available for sale at our venues.


Always discussed with your partner about having a threesome but don’t know where or how to start? Why not arrange to speak with one of our bisexual ladies who specialise in couples bookings?

Have a read of our BLOG post “COUPLES MASSAGE IN NEWCASTLE – COUPLES WELCOME” for additional information or chat with one of our managers to learn more and discuss your options.


Want to explore BDSM in a safe and non-judgmental environment where you can let you inhibitions go?

Maybe the idea has always aroused you and it’s something you’d like to try? With the guidance of an experienced Dom, explore this new world safely at our very exclusive new venue that is well equipped to be able to offer you the ultimate BDSM experience.

Brand new private venue available soon!

Couples bdsm lessons

Reignite the passion in your love life by learning basic BDSM techniques and practices as you explore this new world with your partner.

Strengthen your relationship with one another by exploring the world of BDSM, where there is a strong focus on trust, intuition and consent.

Email US & FIND OUT WHAT else we Can show you

Alternatively, you may wish to speak to the ladies in person by coming into our venue or by speaking with our friendly managers directly by giving us a call. Discretion assured.

Discreet Gentlemen’s Club

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