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Sex toys are an essential addition to anyone’s bedroom, whether solo or incorporating it into couple’s play, it is a great way to spice things up and explore new heights of pleasure.

Self-use can also help you explore your own sensuality and find what works for you.

Sex toys are available online or in person at your favourite reputable sex toy store / adult store – some are available for sale at Discreet Gentlemen’s Club also.

Sex Toys and info

Anal Beads

Anal Beads

Anal Beads are a series of balls or “beads” connected via either string or rubber/silicone. These beads may be in ascending order (gradually increasing in circumference) or can be all uniform in size.

Pleasure is derived by the slow insertion or removal of the beads, the feeling of each bead and pressure building till the release in a series of satisfying sensations.

Anal beads come in a range of styles, sizes and materials, experiment with different styles to find the most satisfying for you.

A great way to start exploration into anal toys and can be used either solo or with a partner.

Tips for First Timers

  • Start slow, use appropriate lubrication (anal lube or toy-safe water-based lubricants).
  • Consider using a smaller circumference set or one that gradually increases in size to gauge your comfort level.
  • Move at your own pace – get used to the sensation of each bead before increasing in size.
  • Use a toy with either a ring loop or base that is flared for easy removal.
Butt Plugs

Butt Plugs

A versatile anal toy that is a staple in most sex toy drawers and for lovers of anal play.

The types and styles are extremely varied when it comes to butt plugs, from standard shape and colouring to the more theatrical and aesthetic. As a general rule, butt plugs are designed to have the bulb of the toy sit within the anus with a flared at the base to safely keep the toy in place. Pleasure is derived from the feeling of “fullness” or in the case of prostate massaging plugs, a stimulation of the prostate.

Butt plugs come in vibrating and the standard inert variations.

There are minor variations in the bulb of the plug’s design, with some being round, conical or rippled for your pleasure.

Major design variations mostly relate to exterior designs with some having gems to fluffy tails.

Design really is dependent on you, it’s good to try different types to see what works best for you.

Tips for First Timers

  • Think about getting a butt plug kit – there are lots of manufacturers that offer kits for beginners that have a selection of sizes to start with and allow you to work your way up.
  • Work out the size you can handle before selecting designs.
  • Use appropriate lube for the toy selected. Use lots.
  • Go slow – if you feel discomfort at any point stop, try using more lube and change positioning, if discomfort continues opt for a smaller toy.
  • Experiment with different styles of butt plugs – some are designed for deeper penetration, some are wider for a more “fuller” feeling and others are shaped specifically for prostate stimulation. Work out what sensation you like.
Cock Rings

Cock Rings

Cock rings are stretchy or size adjustable and are designed to prolong and strengthen erection by trapping circulation in the penis.

It may prolong intercourse too by delaying orgasm and increasing the intensity of eventual climax.

They are excellent tools for men with erectile dysfunction issues or simply for men that want to fuck harder for longer. The market for them really is universal (this is to say anyone with a penis may use one) and a great addition to anyone’s toy collection.

Cock rings also come in vibrating variations, with elements for either clitoral or scrotal stimulation.

You can find cock rings with singular or double loops – singular ring is for placement at the base of the shaft, the second ring (if applicable) is for looping around the testicles.

Tips for First Timers

  • Personal lubricants help with application and removal, make sure you use a toy-safe or water based lubricant.
  • Do not overtighten (in the case of adjustable cock-rings) or use one too small a size – it should fit snugly but not cause discomfort.
  • Try single loop cock rings first – double loop cock rings may be a bit tricky to put on and take off
Cuffs and Restraints

Cuff & Restraints

Coming in a range of styles and designs, from the conventional handcuffs to leather restraints.

Handcuffs for intimate use generally have a safety latch on them to allow for easy removal in case of emergency or discomfort.

Leather restraints typically attach with buckles and are generally more secure and difficult to remove.

Tips for First Timers

  • Find restraints that allow for easy removal in case of emergency.
  • Restraints should fit snugly but not cut off circulation.
  • Ensure the person being restrained is in a comfortable position particularly if intended to be restrained for a prolonged period.
  • Work out how to remove restraints prior to commencing play should the need arise to remove quickly.


Dildos are phallic toys designed for penetration. They range from discreetly shaped items to the more anatomic and “life-like” in appearance.

Varied in size and colour, they can also be made from various materials (silicone, glass, etc.).

Tips for First Timers

  • Larger dildos may be intimidating and/or uncomfortable to use, start off using a size you are more comfortable with.
  • Use water-based or toy-safe lube with your dildo.
  • With any toy, invest in a good toy cleaner for easy and hygienic clean up after play.


Gags are devices used to inhibit speech of a submissive partner. They come in a variety of styles, from ones more suited to beginners up to ones for more experienced BDSM partners.

Gags are a great way to explore dominance and submission and allow to have a more intuitive play (exploring what a partner likes through watching and understanding responses as opposed to verbal directions).

Tips for First Timers

  • Consider using O-Ring, breathable gags or gags with flexible mouthpieces while starting out and getting used to being gagged.
  • Think about other ways to be able to illustrate discomfort while gagged – safe words are redundant if you are unable to speak coherently.
Nipple Clamps

Nipple Clamps

Nipple clamps are devices used to apply stimulation to the nipples by a pinching or slight pressure sensation.

Tips for First Timers

  • Try the suction alternative to nipple clamps if unsure about use – they are essentially tiny silicone suction cups that still create pleasurable sensation for the wearer but are generally much more forgiving than their metal counterparts.
  • With the metal varieties, ensure they are adjustable – start with them fully opened and slowly close them, they should feel like a slight pinch or pressure but not be painful.


Strap-ons generally sit around the pelvic region and are used to hold a dildo or phallic shaped toy.

Tips for First Timers

  • Start small, once you are comfortable and have adjusted to a certain sized toy you can slowly increase in size.
  • With pegging: Use lots of anal-lube (the anus does not self-lubricate so copious amounts of lubricant is required for safe and comfortable use). Anal lube is generally a lot thicker and stickier than regular lube and are designed for anal play.
  • Find a strap on that fits comfortably and preferably one where you can interchange the dildo component, this allows for greater options with sizing and styles.
  • Warm up.

Vibrator is a blanket term for a large range of sex toys that offer vibrating or oscillating stimulation.

These devices can either be small, compact and intended for external use or large, phallic and designed for penetration. Virtually all sex toys available on the market have a vibrating counterpart some of which are listed.

Clitoral Vibrators

Only intended for external use, Clitoral Vibrators are designed for the intimate stimulation of the clitoris through pulsating or constant vibrations. They are simply held against or rolled around.

G-Spot Vibrators

Like their traditional counterparts, G-Spot vibrators stimulate through pulsing or continuous vibration. Where they differentiate is the shape of the device.

G-Spot vibrators are curved in a way to maximise contact with a woman’s G-Spot during penetration.


Kind of an amalgamation of a typical vibrator and a clitoral vibrator. With multiple styles and sizes, you can explore different sensations with each.

At Discreet Gentlemen’s Club we have a range of sex toys for sale for either personal use or for use during bookings. You may wish to call us to discover the fun toys available or alternatively, pop into the venue and have a look at what we have on offer.

Come and visit Discreet’s sex toy store today!

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