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Sensual massage, erotic massage, tantric massage, rub & tug and happy endings… What do they involve and why you should start off every booking with a massage!

Sensual Massage / Erotic Massage

The terms are kind of used interchangeably when it comes the service provided within the adult industry – for the purposes of this article and to save  having to read the two terms repeatedly, we will be using the “Sensual Massage” term.

Sensual Massage relates to a type of “relaxation massage” with a focus on eliciting sexual arousal and pleasure from the receiver. Using a variety of techniques, from more subtly arousing massage techniques to actual genital contact and stimulation – the amount of contact provided and how far the service goes depends on the service provider and establishment / laws and regulations of the location of service.

Occasionally, service providers will specify the type of sensual massage being provided, terms like Four Hands Massage, Nuru Massage, Body Slides and Tantric Massage may be used. This differentiates the amount of contact and in some cases the techniques uses. We will explain further the differences and what each term means later in this article. 

Why you should start your bookings with a sensual massage…

Who doesn’t enjoy a relaxing massage? Better yet, who doesn’t enjoy a massage from a gorgeous woman? 

A great way to ease you into the booking, allow you to feel comfortable with the lady and relax those tight muscles (and increase bloodflow to where it matters!).

Typically we read about foreplay for women and rarely do we hear about foreplay for men, about the needs and desires of men – well a sensual massage is a great way to balance the scales.

Jumping straight into sex with no warm up can feel clinical and quite mechanical. Have your chosen playmate seduce you and get you really in the mood for some heated play.

Feel like a king as you get the royal treatment from your favourite lady – sensual massage is included in all standard service at Discreet Gentlemen’s Club.

Four Hands Massage

Not necessarily a sexual term or an adult industry related term either. Four hands massage simply means two service providers are giving you the massage – hence the “four hands”. 

Book two ladies for double the relaxation and double the fun. Experience two stunning ladies running their hands over your aching muscles and most intimate areas as they get you ready for a booking full of wild lovemaking – DOUBLES BOOKINGS available at Discreet Gentlemen’s Club.

Nuru Massage

Seen the term Nuru Massage written in various escort and massage parlour advertising but not sure what it entails? Simply put, Nuru Massage is a Japanese style of sensual massage where both participants are completely naked. A specific type of lotion or gel is used in the massage, typically placed on the service providers body and applied and massaged using their body. 

It is a massage that utilises as much body-to-body contact as possible – think “body slides”. 

Not all escorts or sensual massage providers have experience in Nuru Massage techniques or are skilled at providing the best body slides so please enquire prior to booking if this is a service you are interested in in particular. 

Tantric Massage

A term less commonly used or in fact one where there are less providers that are experienced in this technique. Any practitioners of tantric sex or who  follow the principles of tantra will know that there is no quick or easy way to describe or even perform the acts.

Tantric Massage involves the massage of erogenous zones and genitals. It is a very slow build and incorporates spirituality, breathing, mindfulness and meditation. The goal is not just to simply orgasm but it is an exploration and reflection of your sexual partner. Pleasure is derived by providing arousal and pleasure to your partner. 

Definitely worth exploring with a partner or in longer bookings as it is a time consuming practice that is more about the journey than the quick end goal. 

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