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We are pleased to announce our acquisition of a vast array of equipment and furniture which you will be seeing at Discreet soon.

New Furniture

New beds, couches and erotic furniture will soon be arriving at Discreet. 

These new items will be spread over our two venues depending on their use and the space we have available. 

Each room will have a few new furniture items and toys as we press on with our venue upgrade plans. 

New Equipment

We have also gotten our hands on some very special play equipment including some raunchy BDSM equipment. 

The bulk of the BDSM equipment will be housed at our CLUB687 venue within our dungeon however a few select pieces will make it’s way into the hallowed halls of Discreet Gentlemen’s Club. 

Sex swings, suspension chains, flogging stations and much much more will arriving. 

With so much on offer, the only difficulty will be to decide which one to try first.

When will they arrive?

We are in the process of having the items delivered in the upcoming weeks. As there is a large quantity of items you will start seeing them trickle through our venues shortly.

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