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Male Dom services now available at CLUB687 for clients looking to explore BDSM in a safe and secure environment.

Why choose a professional?

Particularly for the novice or the inexperienced, many issues with safety and consent can occur. You may have seen profiles pop up via dating websites and apps by self-titled “doms” – it’s very hard to distinguish those with genuine intentions and follow the community ethos of “safe, sane and consensual” from those that are entirely for self-gratification.

Exploring BDSM with a professional, you will discuss the type of service you will like, your hard boundaries and your soft boundaries as you explore a new side of your sexual nature. There is always a strong emphasis on consent (which can be given or withdrawn at any time) and you are in complete control over what you would like to experience.

Safe, Sane & Consensual

Pricing for Dungeon Hire & Male-Dom Services

2 hour dungeon hire – $250
 Male Dom service – $250/hr (+$100 for extreme play)

BDSM courses available for Couples & Hen’s Parties too (pricing given on application)

How to make a booking

All appointments at CLUB687 are taken in advance.

The best way to secure a booking is by filling out the enquiry box below – please include a bit about yourself (your experience level and what you would like to explore). We will be in contact soon to discuss options and booking times available.

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