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A “health check” is a colloquial term used in the industry to describe the precursor to your booking – but what are they and why do ladies do them?

What is a “health check”?

Simply put, a “health check” is a visual inspection of the areas being serviced for signs of added risks of communicable infections and diseases. This can include visual inspection of genitals or of the oral region.

Generally, ladies are looking for sores, warts, abnormal discharge, growths and open wounds.

STI’s and things like thrush can also be spread orally so a visual inspection of the oral (mouth) region is also included.

We must note that health checks provided by service providers does not replace regular testing with your GP or at your local sexual health clinic. If you are sexually active, regular testing is recommended.

Why do ladies perform “health checks”?

To protect themselves and you.

Although all services at Discreet Gentlemen’s Club require protection, nothing is 100% infallible – to give everyone their peace of mind, ladies continue this practice to protect both their health and yours.

What happens if you fail a “health check”?

You have two options: the booking ends immediately or otherwise, depending on the issue, you may be offered an alternative service.

Alternative service may involve a sensual massage only, hand relief or another pre-discussed service.

Visual inspections or “health checks” can only do so much in the way of suggesting the cause of concern – we do not diagnose – we can however advise you to visit the local sexual health clinic (Pacific Clinic – a free sexual health clinic located around the corner on Hunter st) for further testing and treatment. 

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