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What is escort mentoring?

Escort Mentorship, like the name suggests, is mentorship on everything you need to know in your career as an escort. What that means specifically is direction in your marketing, service, presentation and business to ensure that firstly, you are connected to the most suitable clients to your service and market. Secondly, that your presentation and service is suitable to your target market. 

When we talk about mentoring, it specifically relates to the business-side of escorting. We provide tips for certain situations and about delivering the best service possible but your service and personality are all you.

How Discreet Gentlemen’s Club help you achieve your goals

With some of the most knowledgeable management in the industry, experienced in operating brothels and escort agencies all over the country, you are in very good hands working with Discreet. 

We tailor a plan entirely based on you and your goals and are very helpful with expanding your knowledge of the industry. We can advise you on dealing with problematic clients, how to market yourself, where are decent venues to tour, put you in contact with sex-worker friendly accountants and financial advisers, etc. 

Get in contact with us today and find out how we can take your business to new heights!

New to the industry?

We recommend reading our blog post: BROTHEL WORK – SEX WORK / ESCORT work for more information. 

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