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Volume 2: The Rockstar Wizard

Working as an escort for quite a few years now, I’ve seen my fair share of celebrities and people of note, never have I been “star struck” or acted out of character for anyone – that is anyone besides one person in particular. This is that story…

One night I was instructed to get ready to go on an outcall; overnight booking, possibly longer. I was one of 8 ladies to attend a function up on the waterfront. The girls were all abuzz with what theories of what event we could be sent to, we regularly received requests for up to 4 ladies for functions, but 8 was unusual.

Bucks party we all assumed. Or maybe an underground sex party maybe? Divorce party?

Packing our things, we though it would probably be some big shot mining guy (we’ve had a few book through our venue before, but never for that many ladies).

We were about to leave and Kate* added that the client does not like fanfare or to make a big deal over who he is, he just wants everyone to have fun and enjoy the party. “Have we seen him before?” I asked.
“No, but you’ll know who he is when you meet him” Kate* answered.

Two drivers were needed to take us to the booking and even they were excited for the booking despite only being there for security and transport. We all chatted away about who it could be, obviously a celebrity or someone in the media.

So the two cars pull up to this mansion by the water. The term palatial does not even begin to describe this house, it was absolutely jaw-dropping the level of luxury and spare-no-expense décor of the place. Expecting a famous rapper or actor to be at the door we were somewhat disappointed when a 40-something year old man answered the door. The gentleman was pleasant and quite attractive in his own right but he wasn’t anyone we could recognise.

Guiding us inside, he had a quick chat with our driving staff, they settled the business side of the things and the drivers soon departed. He was very polite and introduced himself as David*. Ordinarily I would have loved to have him as a client, he was well mannered, soft spoken and a delight to be around. I tried to hide my disappointment though as thoughts of a wild party with a superstar was quickly dashed. I think he could tell from our demeanour what was going on because he laughed and said “oh, he’s just in the parlour, he would’ve come out but as soon as he has a breakthrough with his music, he just needs to run with it”.

All 8 of us suddenly perked up, he’s a musician, I thought to myself joyously. Smiles were beaming as we sauntered through the house almost feeling as though we were absorbing the splendour like a sponge.

In the middle of the parlour lay a grand piano, one of those gorgeous white ones that you only ever see in movies, and who should be playing it but one of the greatest rock legends of all time – for the purposes of this story I shall name him John* but as a point of reference, I’d imagine you would illicit a similar response had you been a woman in the 60’s and walked in on the Beatles.

My jaw dropped seeing John*, it was like I was frozen in time, I glanced around and other ladies had a similar expression and were just as in awe as I was.

He stopped playing and stood up to greet us. “Sorry I didn’t come out and greet you ladies, sometimes things just come to mind and I need to let the energy flow otherwise it gets lost forever.” “It’s part of his creative process,” David* added. My mouth snapped shut, I hadn’t even realised I was standing there with my mouth open, staring. Clearing my throat, I tried to claw back some semblance of professionalism (and dignity), “So are we going to get this party started or what?” I finally managed to get out of my mouth without stumbling on my words. “Now that’s what I’m talking about!” John* responded, beaming.

To say this was the party of a lifetime is an understatement, it was the most debaucherous event I had ever been too…

Spilling out all over the outdoor area were orgies left right and centre, around the pool and in the spa was dotted with bodies, thrusting and gyrating against each other. The ladies that weren’t servicing either David* or John* were satisfying each other. Both men appeared to thoroughly enjoy the show.

More acts of flexibility and gymnastics were witnessed that day than in a circus act. We must have went through every position in the Kama Sutra as well as created a few new ones of our own.

Things started getting overheated so we made our way into one of the lounge rooms to cool off and grab some refreshments and continue the party. The liquor was flowing and everyone was in good spirits which started the next orgy.

As with most activities, things started escalating as the drinks kept coming. John* decided it was a good idea to set up a sex swing off of the chandelier in the main hall. Surprisingly, it worked quite well and a few interesting positions were achieved. Well, that was until John* decided to try and use it as an actual swing and sent the entire chandelier crashing down and shattering everywhere.

No-one was hurt in the incident, John* just smiled sheepishly and just gave an “oops” in response to the damage. Everyone quickly shuffled off into another room, leaving the once opulent chandelier shattered on the ground.

Settling in one of the entertaining rooms, the damage was soon forgotten as the activities recommenced. This room was just as lavish as the rest of the house, with a large pool table and a well stocked bar. Curiosity got the better of me and I excused myself to use the bathroom (and to have a better look at the house). The youngest of the ladies, Bambi*, caught on and also went on the self-taken grand tour – the house was absolutely gorgeous!

Returning, it seemed that things had once again escalated. One of the ladies was bouncing up and down on John’s* lap while another poured a bottle of champagne over them. David* was receiving oral ministrations while also delivering similar pleasures to one of the girls who was perched up and sitting on his face. The rest of the ladies were joining in in any way that they can, with tongues and hands swirling everywhere.

Me and Bambi* made our way over to the bar and agreed we needed to play catch-up with the rest of the group. “Shots?” I asked Bambi*, she nodded excitedly. We decided on shots of vodka, Bambi* also found a container of gummy bears which we dropped into our shot glasses to flavour and take the burn out of the vodka.

After 3 shots of gummy bear vodka, we started feeling the alcohol buzz so we each poured ourselves a glass of champagne and settled with the rest of the group.

Bambi* was still snacking on the gummy bears when the group finished up their latest round of pleasures. Catching his breath, something caught John’s* eye. “Woah! Slow down on the acid gummies..” he remarked gesturing to Bambi*. “What?!” she and I both exclaimed, frozen. “Those are the LSD gummies,” one of the ladies said casually. We had completely missed the discussion on what was happening, having gone on an extended bathroom break / self tour.

“How many have you both had?” David* asked, he continued to explain, “have one and you’ve got a nice mellow trip, two and you’re having a spiritual awakening, three and you’re inter-dimensional”. My face blanched, I finally swallowed and asked “how long before I feel it?” “Oh, you’ll know..” John* replied, chuckling.

I looked over at Bambi* as I repeated the question, asking how many she’s had but she was frozen. The container of gummy bears slipping out of her hand and spilled onto the ground. I looked down as I watched the gummy bears bounce around and melt into the floor. I looked back up at John* and he appeared to age, age well beyond his years, his hair went white and at appeared he grew a long white beard in front of me. He smiled, nodded and chuckled again in what I assumed was in knowledge of what I was now experiencing.

The hours that followed were strange to say the least, however not unpleasant, we journeyed through several rooms of the house, almost in some kind of quest. The quest? Couldn’t tell you, but I felt like I was following some grand high wizard in some fantasy novel across different worlds.

Surprisingly, things were a lot less sexual in nature as we all played into this new world of exploration. We ended up in the cinema room, each laying in the comfy couches, chatting and giggling. Bambi*, well recovered from her shock earlier, was on the floor playing with John’s* Pomeranian. It was such a good time, even in the darkest room in the house, it was as though beams of sunlight were still bathing us through the ceiling.

Our joy was suddenly interrupted by a stern voice. “What the fuck?!” Kate* our manager yelled, standing in the doorway. It was then that we realised that none of us was keeping time and that all our phones were left scattered where all our clothes lay. David* took one for the team and shot up, talking to Kate* in another room to try and extend the booking.

After quite some time, David* returned stating that an extension was allowed and that three more ladies were also joining. We cheered and continued the fun, deciding to skip the gummies for the rest of the booking and resume the decadent orgies.

We continued for two more days, the wildest days of my life that I won’t ever forget!


We found out the following week, after much needed sleep and recovery a lot of additional details.

Apparently, we had gone MIA for over an hour, the drivers being unable to get in contact with any ladies or John* or David*, they asked the manager for further direction. Being a high profile client, discretion was incredibly important but so too was safety of both the ladies and the client. Neither driver could scale the large fencing surrounding the property, so the manager came for assistance.

Kate* walked into all of us stark naked, with the exception of John* who was wearing a black bed sheet as a makeshift robe (he had apparently gotten the idea as I kept referring to him as the grand wizard).

As for the Pomeranian Bambi* was petting? John* didn’t have a dog. She was apparently carrying around and petting a fluffy pillow she picked up from one of the couches.

David* smoothed things by handing over a remote to the front gate so management could enter, for safety reasons, should no-one be reached over the phone.

The additional ladies were given instructions to report back regularly over the phone to welfare check on the ladies “currently travelling through Narnia”. Oh, and they were also given explicit instructions to “not touch the f*cking gummies!”

The “Escort Diaries” segment is for entertainment purposes only. All characters and events appearing in this segment is entirely fictitious, any resemblance to any persons either living or dead is purely coincidental.

All key identifying aspects have been either removed or changed (character names, professions, specific dates and locations) to protect anonymity of these fictitious characters.

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