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Looking for a new podcast to tune into during lockdown? Read on to find out more about the Conscious Couples podcast – The Relationship Show.

The fantastic duo Cindra and Luke at Conscious Couples have an amazing free podcast available on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube.

This informative podcast The Relationship Show delves into conscious connections, spiritual sex, modern love, sexuality, identity and relationships.

Well worth subscribing on any one of the above mentioned platforms as Cindra and Luke use their wealth of experience to advise and discuss the many facets of a well-rounded and fulfilling sex life. The content is thoughtful and empowering and examines many different interesting topics.

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Discreet Does Podcast

Click the link below to listen to owner of Discreet speaking with Cindra and Luke on The Relationship Show podcast.

Click to listen
Will Discreet Be Doing Our own podcast?

Probably not.

That is to say that there are no plans in the immediate future to develop or start a podcast. We may reassess in the future if that is an avenue we’d like to explore but at the moment, we prefer to reach out to other members of society/media (generally non-industry related and from a variety of media platforms – e.g. radio, podcasts, etc).

We feel that by opening dialogue with members of the general public it starts to break down barriers and stigmas against the industry, our goal is always to advocate for a better understanding of sex work and the industry.

If you are looking for a podcast that specifically is about sex work and the industry there are a few out there currently. These include some of the more well-known Australian podcasts such as The Wholesome Whores podcast and Somebody You Love podcast.

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