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Want to follow us and the daily happenings at Discreet Gentlemen’s Club? Follow us on our Social Media accounts..

Does Discreet do Snapchat?

Yes, we sure do! Last minute updates to roster along with additional photos and snaps available

Follow us: discreetclub

Does Discreet do Twitter?

Also a yes! Twitter is probably the most sex-worker friendly social media platform available, it’s actually a great way to keep up to date with your favourite service providers and venues.

Follow us: @DiscreetGents

Does Discreet do Instagram?

We have a brand new Instagram account after we were too naughty with our last one and were unfortunately removed.

Follow our new (tamer) Instagram: @discreetgentlemens

Does Discreet do Facebook / Tik Tok / etc?

Unfortunately not.

We did attempt Facebook several times but due to highly restrictive terms of use, have decided against continuing to pursuit that avenue. As for Tik Tok, we may explore that in the future should there be enough requests.

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