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A no-nonsense guide about what to expect and how to apply.

Becoming an Escort/Brothel Manager

Most people have limited to no experience with the adult industry, the idea of managing in the industry is both an intriguing and mysterious concept to most. There are a lot of preconceived notions about the industry that seem to consistently float around. Hopefully we will clear up a few of those here and assist you on embarking on a new career in the Adult Industry.

What it’s Like to Manage a Brothel

Lots of work! – the phrase “Jack of all trades” comes to mind.

It is an amalgamation of a lot of various skills: people management, sales, customer service, HR, cash handling, book keeping, advanced industry-specific marketing skills, web design/administration, understanding of SEO, graphic design and many, many more miscellaneous skills. But don’t let the list of management skills daunt you, managers of various levels of experience have different skill-sets, in fact very few possess all the aforementioned skills. You may have some of the skills or would like to work on more, which you can achieve at Discreet Gentlemen’s Club working with some of the most experienced professionals in the adult industry..

Managing a brothel is also incredibly fun and rewarding – there is literally no other job like it on the planet! Unlike most jobs that claim to be “something new every day” we can honestly say there is something new and interesting every single day!

The workload and experience varies shift by shift as well as the days of the week. Generally the day shift focuses on the administration and business management side of things – interviews are conducted during the day, along with the bulk of the advertising, dealing with suppliers, workmen for renovations or repairs, ladies rosters, etc. Night shift is where the bulk of the trade happens, you are taking bookings, organising outcalls, coordinating drivers, etc.

Day shifts are generally more suited to managers that are organised, have a clear understanding of web administration and various online tasks (i.e. advertising).

Night shifts are much more fast paced and more suitable for night owls, it can be pretty intense however so fast but accurate bookkeeping is a must! We are renown as the #1 adult venue in Newcastle – the bulk of these clients are through the night trade, we can average several hundred clients through the doors on a Friday or Saturday night so it is by no means an “easy weekend job”. Great for people who thrive on that fast paced environment however.

Overall, having managed brothels and other adult venues for several years and working both day shift and night shift, I have to say that it is definitely not a career for everyone, but for some people it may be exactly the type of job and excitement you are looking for.

Q: How old do i need to apply?

Legally, anyone entering our venue must be 18+.

Q: Is it like a party every day?

Generally the day shifts are more administration and business management focused however the night shifts can be quite wild, both with the ladies and clients coming in. At the end of the day though, we are a business and require professionalism from all staff and ladies on shift.

Q: How long are shifts?


Q: Will I need to/be encouraged to “jump the counter”?

No. A lot of people are mistaken in thinking that managers are also service providers, this is simply not the case. None of our management staff provide any sexual services and there is a clear distinction between the two to maintain a professional and functional business structure.

Q: Will I need to Deal with unruly clients?

Yes. The purpose of management is to keep ladies safe and comfortable & the business profitable and viable. While training, you will be paired up with an experienced manager who will teach you the skills with handling different situations, including de-escalation techniques. We have several security measures in place which will be discussed once hired.

Q: Will I need to have experience?

Not necessarily. Although favoured, we would much rather have managers with skills beneficial to the business as not all experience is quality experience. Extensive training and ongoing support will be provided to newcomers to the industry.

Q: Do you only hire female managers?

Not exclusively but it is generally preferred. We do have drivers and indeed managers who are male, however overwhelmingly, managers in the industry are female. There are several reasons why this is the case, being an entirely female group of service providers, a manager needs to be able to deal with women’s sexual health, provide advice and referral, and be able to enter ladies changerooms and bathrooms without requiring another female manager on shift.

Q: Is it illegal/criminal?

A massive misconception of the industry – the illicit/illegal ties of the adult industry.
Prostitution has been decriminalised in NSW for around 30 years now. Although laws may vary state by state, we are a fully licensed and regulated venue in Newcastle.


Ehh, it’s okay… You definitely do have the potential to make a decent wage as you progress through your career (your skill level and experience does factor in) and you are rewarded well for good results but I wouldn’t really start looking at buying a yacht as soon as you start in the industry.

Q: under 35 with no experience how do i start a career in the industry?

Start off working jobs in hospitality, in particular bar work, develop skills with dealing with and diffusing aggressive and unruly patrons and try working in other adult industries (sex shops, strip clubs, etc) develop and hone your skills and knowledge.

Q: WHat IF i see someone i know?

We are called “Discreet” for a reason.
If you recognise either a service provider or client, the policy is to maintain absolute discretion. If you don’t think that you can maintain that level of confidentiality or that it may conflict with your personal life – do not apply.

Apply for a Management Position

We are currently pushing forward with expansion plans and are looking to add to our staff to further support our current managers.

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