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A word from the owner…

As a madam, I take pride in our industry and all that is has achieved. Our service providers are nurturers and carers, they are skilled professionals offering a valuable service. They are the front line in sex education and are fierce advocates for high standards of sexual health. They are the compassionate touch to the lonely and the sexual healers of many.

However in our society there is still a constant battle against social stigma and discrimination.  Many service providers live double lives to avoid the judgment and condemnation of others.

But is has not always been that way. Sex work is called the oldest profession for good reason.  Historically, a sex worker was synonymous with a high priestess. She was a considered wise and her services were highly sought after. Evidence of high priestess sex workers date back as far as the first written records of mankind.

In ancient Sumaria and Babylonia one of the most worshipped Goddesses was Ishtar. Amongst her many names she was called the ‘Great Whore of Babylon’,  ‘Heavenly Prostitute’ and ‘Mother of Harlots’. She was described as powerful and compassionate. Early sculptures show her as a ‘sacred prostitute’ waiting to meet her customers.

For thousands of years high priestesses were highly sought after by Sumerian Kings. Coupling with a sex worker would bestow the power of Ishtar upon them. Sex workers inhabited the high temples and were available to any male worshipper prepared to pay the price. In many ancient civilizations the coming of age of every young woman involved a paid sexual union at least once.   This was considered a great feminine honour. Sex work was considered a way that a man could experience a devine union with a goddess and was also a healing ritual.

This concept of ‘sacred sex work’ seems very foreign in todays society however this concept was based on respect and appreciation of women.

Aphrodite – commonly known as the greek goddess of love is also the patron goddess of sex workers. Temples were built all over Greece in honour of her divinity. Aphrodite of brothels. Aphrodite of street workers. In ancient Greece high class sex workers were called the hetairae and were a central focus of ceremonies to the gods.

The concept of sex workers being the link to the gods via there sexuality survived for thousands of years. We still see remnants of the these concept in Hinduism. Hinduism contines to promote the concept via Tantra and Kama Sutra that enlightment and connection with the devine can be achieved through sexual union.

At Discreet, myself and the sevice providers that work in our buildling our proud of the history and culture behind our chosen profession.

We work hard to empower each other in our choices.  We foster an environment that allows empowered woman to share the gift of their sexual powers with our lucky customers.

Our new builidng 687 will include a gallery of the history of sex work with accompanying art work.

We look forward to sharing it with you.

Keep it Discreet

– Anna (Owner)

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