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We put the message out on all of our social media channels requesting miscellaneous sex/escort related questions and boy did you not disappoint.. Some questions were interesting, some were entertaining and some were downright f*cked! Here are some of the more amusing questions submitted to us (& their responses).

If you’d like to submit a question of your own, feel free to send us an email enquiry – otherwise wait for the next questions blitz on our social media channels.

Q1. What's the weirdest question you've ever gotten?

Define weird? We regularly get asked about all sorts of fetishes and services, nothing really phases us. I think you kind of get desensitised to most things and it becomes more of whether we can actually perform the service rather than having any feelings about it. That said, brown showers still stumps me, not about whether it’s weird or the reasoning behind wanting the service – more so, how the hell can someone sh*t on command?

Q2. What's the difference between your rooms?

There are only some minor differences between our working rooms and all have the basics: shower & bed. Some minor differences is that Room 1 has a bath, Room 2 has a mirrored ceiling (great if you love watching yourself have sex), Room 6 has kind of a wood-cabin/sauna theme to it (and spa bath) and of course our Party Room for bucks partys, strip shows and group bookings.

Q3. What's the maximum amount of ladies you can book at a time?

There isn’t really a “maximum”, it’s more of a “how much can you afford” scenario. We do have a certain amount of ladies rostered per shift but can always bring additional ladies in provided we have enough notice and it’s worth their while – ladies won’t travel in for a 30min booking, sorry.

Q4. Do you hire strippers?

Yes and no. We do currently have a lady working with us offering stripper-only services however the work is sporadic and last minute stripping work is generally taken by our full-service ladies who have previous stripping experience. As we expand and create new facilities dedicated to bucks parties and strip shows, we definitely will be looking to expand our list of ladies that are experienced dancers however.

Q5. Are you hiring men? (Male escorts)

Short answer: No.

Long answer: There really isn’t that big a market for straight-male escorts, we receive one call maybe every 3-4 months asking about them – it’s just not viable. That’s not to say they don’t exist – there are plenty of straight male escorts, they generally work privately though and need to travel to different major cities to obtain adequate work.

Q6. What happens when someone fails the check?

The “health check” as it’s known in the industry is a visual inspection to make sure the lady is comfortable providing you with a service, it’s an extra element of protection for ladies and clients. We are not doctors and do not diagnose. In the event of a “fail” you will be given the option to cancel the booking or have an alternative service – alternative services depend on what’s going on down there and what the lady agrees to, you can chat to the lady about what these alternatives could include.

Q7. Can me and a mate book the same girl?

As in seeing her at the same time or tag-teaming? Yes to both (provided the lady agrees to the service) but you’re both paying the same amount to see a lady for that duration of time & depending on the structure/set up of the booking there may also be additional charges from the lady (for DP, etc.)

Q8. Can you be too big?

Depends on the lady, and it’s pretty rare, but yes.

To put things into perspective, the largest condoms that we supply can fit around a soft-drink can easily. There have been maybe a couple of clients over many years where this has been too small, but this is so rare that it’s almost not worth mentioning. So unless you’ve got a third leg growing, you’ll be fine.

Q9. Can you contact me once a lady is back?

We’d love to but due to the nature of the industry there is never any guarantee a lady will be back or will continue working in the industry. It may be weeks, months or years (if at all) before a lady returns – well beyond the time frame that is reasonable to contact people regarding their favourite girl – as such we have a no general contact rule. You may wish to subscribe to our newsletter alternatively.

Q10. Do you serve drinks?

At Discreet you are welcome to a complimentary soft drink or water with your booking and may wish to BYO alcohol. Please note that we do not serve alcohol.

Q11. Can ladies refuse a booking?


They generally won’t refuse you for superficial reasons however ladies can and will refuse clients that are rude, heavily intoxicated or have poor hygiene.

Q12. Is Pegging gay?

Are you being pegged by a bloke? If the answer is no; then no, it’s not gay.

There are some really stubborn ideas and stigmas surrounding anal play and men which are quite unfortunate. Men that experience prostate stimulation (particularly when done correctly) can have some of the most mind-blowing orgasms that are super sexy and fun – you’re really missing out if you’ve never tried any sort of anal play.

Q13. What if I don't cum?

We work with some of the most professional and experienced ladies that try to make sure you have the best time possible. Let the lady know during introductions the type of experience and service you are after, there may be a lady better suited to what you are looking for and are more likely to find that lady if you are open and honest about what you are after.

At the end of the day though, despite efforts from the lady, if you’re still unable to climax you might want to think about factors that may have contributed to it –  things such as stress, alcohol/drug use and general health and fitness can affect erection and indeed make it difficult to climax – booking for a longer period of time may also help or extending your already existing booking.

Q14. What if it's your first time?

First time in a brothel or first time having sex?

If it’s your first time in a brothel consider reading our Blog Post “WHAT TO EXPECT AT A BROTHEL” for more information and advice.

If it’s your first time having sex – I mean it’s really up to you if you tell us or not but the more information we have the more the lady can know how to progress with the booking. This isn’t a job interview & experience isn’t required so don’t worry about that. If you’re super nervous about it, consider a longer booking time, 2-3hrs is generally ideal as it’ll give you enough time to chat with the lady, have a relaxing massage and ease into the booking (also means you can go more than once if you blow in the first 5mins).

Q15. How old do I have to be to go to Discreet?

18+ (Photo ID is required if you look under 25)

Q16. Can I book more than one lady?

Sure can! Discreet Gentlemen’s Club is known for it’s naughty threesomes. Give us a call to find out what options you have.

Q17. Who writes the Blog?

The Blog is a collaborative effort between the owner and one of the Discreet managers. In the future we hope to add guest blog spots for well-known industry personalities or perhaps some of our own ladies.

Q18. Is it safe?

All services at Discreet require protection and all ladies are regularly tested – it’s probably a lot safer than bringing someone home after a night out to be honest.

Q19. Can I request a certain outfit?

You can certainly request it but whether or not the lady can deliver is another story. Lots of our ladies tour from interstate so they really are restricted by what they’ve actually brought with them, for ones that can possibly facilitate it really depends on a variety of things like how long you are booking for (ladies are less inclined to bring elaborate costumes or equipment for a shorter booking), what exactly you want them to wear, etc.

Q20. Can I bring toys to use?

Yes, depending on the toy and it’s use.

Anything for use on you is generally okay, provided they are in sanitary condition.

Ladies generally prefer that any toy that is to be used on them to either be their own or purchased brand new (you may wish to purchase them brand new at Discreet) as they cannot determine the hygiene level of toys brought in.

Q21. What if I don't want to wear a condom?

Then our ladies aren’t for you, go get a girlfriend.

All services require protection.

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