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Due to the popularity of our last ’21 Questions’ segment, we’ve decided to answer some more of your questions. All questions were submitted via either our email or on our social media channels.

If you’d like to submit a question of your own, feel free to send us an email enquiry with the – our next 21 Questions will be related to BDSM/Kink.

Q1. What are the types of blokes you get in there? Do you get a lot of weirdos?

Honestly, the vast majority of our clients are just normal every day people looking for a service. Our clients are from all walks of life and from all different professions.

Some are looking for just a bit of company, some are craving intimacy, some are interested in no-strings-attached fun, some are after a bit of adult entertainment and some want to try something new!

The reasoning for hiring escort services are as diverse as the clients that walk through the door – one client put it as “cheaper and easier than dating”.

Q2. What's the most overrated sex position?

The classics are usually the best – there’s a reason why they’re the “classics”. Anything too elaborate is generally kinda shit to be honest and are usually a lot more effort with a lot less reward…

But by far, speaking with the ladies, the ‘move’ that is most overrated would have to be the pelvic grind which most guys do when penetrating – it really doesn’t do it for most ladies and it’s more like some weird interlude between thrusts. I’m sure there are ladies out there that may enjoy this but from feedback, this is definitely not universal.

For honest tips and feedback, consider having sex tutoring with one of our ladies and learn how to have sex like a legend.

Q3. Do the ladies prefer circumsized men?

There isn’t really a preference. Hygiene is of higher priority – guys with foreys: make sure you are pulling your foreskin back and washing thoroughly! – ain’t nobody want to see that!

Q4. Did I make the lady cum during the booking or are they faking?

Does it matter?

Yes, ladies can and do orgasm during bookings however this is not always the case.

Q5. Do you have Viagra?

Unfortunately, no.

Male enhancement products such as Viagra can really only be administered by a pharmacist with a valid prescription. We do have natural performance enhancers and cockrings should you be concerned about keeping it up however.

Q6. Do the ladies enjoy being gone down on?

Do you enjoy every blow job?

I mean yeah, I guess it’s okay… but not all oral is good oral. If it’s the lady’s pleasure you are after, ask for direction and learn new tricks as the lady guides you.

Q7. What's the longest someone's booked a lady for?

The longest would probably be around a week – this most certainly isn’t a regular occurence though!

Our usual “longer bookings” are around the 6-12hr mark though it’s not uncommon for long bookings to be around the 20hr mark.

Q8. What if I have a strange request?

Define strange.

As long as you are polite and respectful, our ladies are very open minded. Discuss the type of service you are after when meeting the ladies and they can let you know whether they are able to facilitate.

Q9. Can a guy see a lady personally?

As in dating one of the ladies or seeing them privately?

Ladies are instructed to maintain professionalism and professional courtesy while working with our business.

At the end of the day though, we do not own the ladies and they are adults just like our clients – you are free to make your own decisions. However, anything outside of agreed services arranged through our venue really has nothing to do with us and any results, consequences or issues that arise we really can’t help with.

Q10. How do I get a lady to try doing something different in the booking?

I dunno, maybe try asking her? Not all ladies offer all services though so it’s best to make sure the lady actually offers this service prior to booking.

Q11. How quick is too quick?

You can usually tell by the look of disappointment and regret in her face… Kidding!

Most of the time when men are concerned with premature ejaculation, they really don’t have an idea what exactly that means and are too critical on their perfomance (which then causes perfomance anxiety). Despite grand ideas to the contrary, the average duration for sex for most people is around the 5-10min mark (and usually on the shorter end of that spectrum). If you’re lasting between 5-10mins, it’s completely normal.

There are ways in which to try and improve stamina and staying power which we will explore in an upcoming post (check back soon!).

Q12. What if you don't have condoms in my size?

We have condoms in 7 sizes… It is highly unlikely we do not have your size.

Q13. Does pineapple juice really make it sweeter?

If by “it” you’re referring to male ejaculate then.. maybe. There is some anecdotal evidence out there that diet does impact flavour and some ladies will say it does, but it’s by no means a universal rule.

At Discreet, we do not offer any natural services though (including oral) so you will need to test that theory elsewhere..

Q14. How do you stay hard?

Cockrings, viagra, diet, avoiding drugs and alcohol, etc.

Read out blog post GO HARDER FOR LONGER to find out more tricks and tips.

Q15. What if you're a bit on the smaller side?

Smaller as in build or dick size?

Small build: I dunno… speak to a personal trainer. The ladies don’t particularly care if you are on the skinny side.

Dick size: Usually insecurities aren’t actually a reflection of reality. You may think you are below average when in reality, you are perfectly normal. If performance is what you are worried about in relation to size, consider booking some sex tutoring lessons to learn positions that are best for you – it’s not the size that matters, it’s how you use it!

Q16. What's the best position?

Really depends on personal preferences really. You may wish to spice things up and try something new, speak to the ladies and see what is available.

Q19. What does the service include?

Massage, oral on you and sex (all services protected).

Q21. How do I become a member?

Speak to our reception staff the next time you’re in and we can sign you up and explain all the great features you are entitled to with membership.

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